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Generation (except renewables)

EF-Engineering specializes in engineering and consultancy in power generation. The Fichtner Group’s huge stock of experience and capabilities in combination with the high qualifications of our experts and their extensive knowledge of the specific conditions in Russia have proved their worth in hundreds of successful projects in design, engineering and technical support of construction, consultancy and auditing energy generating facilities. The total capacity of power plants put into operation with the participation of Fichtner companies exceeds 300,000 MW. In Russia, our company has participated in over a third of the projects under the RAO United Energy Systems of Russia (RAO UES) investment program of 2006-2009, providing expert assistance in implementation of large-scale investment schemes. The following are the basic services for power generation offered by our company:

• pre-feasibility study
• market analysis
• identification of potential customers
• financial and economic modeling
• generation capacity and trend study
• analysis of market and technical risks with development of measures to avert these
• technological options study
• survey and analysis of existing infrastructure
• economic efficiency assessment
• estimate of investment requirements
• project financing search
• social impact assessment
• setting up the project organizational structure
• reviews of existing feasibility studies and plans
• reviews of similar projects
• SWOT analysis
• drawing up the business plan
• feasibility study
• civil design
• thermodynamic design
• electrical and I&C design
• main equipment requirements
• environmental requirements
• project organizational structure solutions
• drawing up technical specifications for key equipment items • supervision of manufacture and supply of equipment, shop acceptance testing
• setting up tender organization
• drawing up tender documents
• bid evaluation
• assistance during contract negotiations
• review of contracts, organizational structure, budgets, etc.
• Owner’s Engineer services (project management)
• Lender’s Engineer services (project oversight)
• Technical Agent services (project monitoring)
• management of construction and installation
• quality control of execution, expediting, budgetary control
• engineering and technical support
• coordination of contractor interfaces
• project oversight throughout all phases
• assessment of facility’s physical condition
• assessment of facility’s operation
• environmental management, including checking for compliance with international standards

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