Generation Transmission & Distribution Environmental Technology & Energy Conservation Corporate Consultancy

Areas of Activity & Specializations

EF-Engineering offers a wide range of engineering and consultancy services in the energy markets of Russia and the CIS countries. Our company specializes in power generation, transmission and distribution; renewable energies and infrastructure; environmental technology and energy conservation; and water supply and sanitation; with business consultancy being yet another area in which EF-Engineering is active. Our company provides engineering and consultancy services at various stages of investment project implementation: pre-design, feasibility study, engineering, construction, and operation. For each project, we systematically set up the required organization while customizing our approach to meet our clients’ needs, so consistently producing a high quality of work and tailoring our services to our clients’ requirements. The experience and extensive know-how of EF-Engineering’s experts is a guarantee for the success of your projects.



• gas-fired and combined-cycle power plants
• coal-fired power plants
• liquid fuel power plants
• combined heat and power plants
• utility power plants, boiler houses
• power distribution

Transmission and distribution:

• overhead lines, power grids
• transformer substations
• distribution switchgear
• monitoring systems
• control systems
• instrumentation

Environmental technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy and infrastructure:

• hydropower
• pumped storage hydropower
• tidal power
• geothermal power
• photovoltaic power
• other renewable energy sources
• refuse incineration
• wastewater treatment
• drinking water treatment
• demineralization
• environmental and energy efficiency
• CO2 certificate trading under the Kyoto Protocol

Corporate consultancy:

• management consultancy
• business plans, feasibility studies
• techno-economic assessments, due diligence
• tendering procedures
• comprehensive engineering and technical support for investment projects


At the very start of a project we provide essential consultancy services for investors, clients and developers. We review the project's initial solutions for feasibility, and identify the technical and economic constraints and conditions.

Fichtner has over 30 years of design experience. We specialize in providing practical solutions by combining advanced design technology with construction, installation, start-up and operating knowledge. Our well prepared design ensures successful project implementation with maximum benefit to our clients.

The award of contacts for projects requires detailed technical, economic and legal expertise. EF-Engineering's tendering approach is to marry technical and engineering know-how with expert knowledge in power facility operation to ensure that all procurement and delivery is done in a timely manner for compliance with the project schedule.

Professional supervision of construction works is essential for successful implementation of a scheme in terms of time, quality, cost and licensing. We support our customers during this critical project phase.

Detailed and structured commissioning and start-up is required to achieve orderly transition of the project from the construction phase to the operating phase. Additionally, we strive to provide trouble-free and safe operation of the facilities with low impacts on the general public and the environment during and after project implementation.

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